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About Us


Founded in 2008, Next Advanced Medicine has been a leader in the fields of Physical Medicine and Functional Medicine.


Next Advanced Medicine is committed to the fields of Physical and Functional Medicine. One of the major points of emphasis for Next Advanced Medicine is to provide alternatives to patients who continue to suffer from chronic and degenerative health care problems. Drugs can be essential for the treatment of many illnesses, but in the fields of Physical Medicine and Functional Medicine, they are typically not the primary focus. Physical Medicine often provides a longer term solution designed to get to the root cause of an individuals problems while fostering the healing ability of each patient. See more on Physical Medicine here.


Due to her own health problems, Dr. Hall began delving into Functional Medicine. The idea of taking medication to somehow get rid of a chronic disease did not ring true to her. She has a great understanding of the underlying physiology of the body and how that effects and manifests differently in each patient. At the time, her body was not working properly and she did not feel the drugs she was prescribed were going to do anything but suppress her symptoms and possibly make her worse. Within 16 months, with the principles of Functional Medicine, her health condition went into remission. This is what started her mission into helping people find other options. Her interest was to promote the clinical model of Functional Medicine as she considers it to be the wave of the future in health care. See more about Functional Medicine including treatment for Diabetes here.



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"Learn To live with it, or discover how you may be able to get rid of it.ʺ



Free Diabetes Seminar

Have you been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes? 

Did you know it is possible to reverse diabetes**? 

Come to our FREE seminar to learn how we have helped hundreds of patients reverse their diabetes,

eliminate the need for medications, and improve quality of life! *Individual Results will vary.

**See peer-reviewed journal articles on the Clinical Reversal of Diabetes at the bottom of this page.




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 Saturday, December 9th, 11:30am, Newport Beach 

Tuesday, December 12th, 5:30pm, Costa Mesa



Curious about the seminar?
Watch Videos from Recent Seminar Attendees!

Adeline C, September 2017

Individual Results Vary*

Sheila, September 2017

Individual Results Vary*

Mark M, September 2017

Individual Results Vary*

Justin Worsham, September 2017

Individual Results Vary*


*Testimonials were voluntarily given by seminar attendees at Next Advanced Medicine; they were not paid for nor provided with free services or benefits in exchange for statements. The testimonials are representative of the individual patient experience. Results will vary across individual’s.

 **Type 2 Diabetes has been shown to be reversed in randomized controlled trials, as reported in this peer-reviewed medical journal article by Gregg et al., (2012) Journal article on Reversing Diabetes (JAMA).  Another peer reviewed study by Lim et al., (2011) on the Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes in the journal Diabetologia, showed that insulin sensitivity and beta cell function were normalized with dietary energy restriction. In addition, a report published on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website, written by the American Diabetes Association, acknowledges that the remission of type 2 diabetes has been observed in several clinical studies, and seeks to define and distinguish the cure or remission of diabetes in this article Definition of remission of diabetes by American Diabetes Association (2009).

Learn more about NEXT ADVANCED MEDICINE's approach to diabetes management:
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Functional Medicine

What exactly is "Functional Medicine"?

Functional medicine is personalized health care for the individual. A clinical model that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of just the symptoms associated with serious and life-altering chronic diseases. It is a science- based field of health care that is grounded in the following principles:

  • Patient-centered health care emphasizes "patient care" rather than "disease care."
  • Extensive testing to find out which organ systems are involved in the disease process.
  • Health as a positive vitality – not merely the absence of disease.
  • Read More about Functional Medicine (Click Here)

Finding the Root Cause of your Disease

Are you suffering from Type II Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease or Hypothyroidism?

Next Advanced Medicine offers the finest alternative, natural approaches for Type II Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. We may be able to help you overcome your condition and start living a happy, healthy life! It is well known that prescription drugs are often necessary. However it is also clear that prescription drugs can lead to side effects. In addition there are times when prescription drugs can lead to a worsening of the condition they intend to treat. A balanced use of prescription medication to keep patients safe should always be used in balance with offering a customized treatment program designed to get to the root issues for each individual. A treatment program that works to eventually get patients off of medications when possible.  We ask prospective patients to begin their journey with us by attending a Free Educational Seminar on their disease and how the doctors at Next Advanced Medicine work with patients to reverse diabetes, treat thyroid dysfunction, and overcome chronic illness.  Individual results will vary.


Call (949) 943-3535 to REGISTER NOW for one of our FREE SEMINARS.


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Holistic and Individualized approach to treating chronic illness

Next Advanced Medicine provides a unique approach for people who suffer from the following: Diabetes, Thyroid problems, Neck discomfort, Back discomfort, Headaches, Migraines, Autoimmune Disease, Knee Pain, Degenerative Arthritis, Sinus Trouble/ Infection, Allergies, Asthma, Sciatica, Tingling and Numbness, Carpal Tunnel, Neuropathy, Hormone Issues, Insomnia, TMJ or Teeth Grinding.

buildingOur clinic is equipped with advanced unique treatment facilities and diagnostic equipment:

  • Extensive Laboratory Blood Testing
    Hormone Testing
    Testing for hidden causes of inflammation
  • Muscle Memory Rehabilitation
  • Decompression
  • Chiropractic
  • Rapid Release Vibration Therapy
  • Natural Joint and Trigger Point Injections
  • Nerve Behavior Diagnostics
  • Massage Therapy
  • Allergy Sensitivity Diagnostics
  • Digital X-Ray
  • and more..








Video Testimonials from Patients*

*Testimonials were voluntarily given by patients at Next Advanced Medicine; they were not paid for nor provided with free services or benefits in exchange for statements. The testimonials are representative of the individual patient experience. Results will vary across individual’s.


Doreen R.*


Jacqulyn Porpora*

Malcom P.*

John J.*

Sandra Miller*

*Testimonials were voluntarily given by patients at Next Advanced Medicine; they were not paid for nor provided with free services or benefits in exchange for statements. The testimonials are representative of the individual patient experience. Results will vary across individual’s.

My name is Hans and I went through Next Advanced Medicines diabetic program. I had a lot of anxiety. I was very discouraged because my doctor kept trying to put me on more medication. My doctor told me he has to play the numbers game. He is rated based on the amount of medication he prescribes and it affects his pay. This was very discouraging for me so I tried to find another route. My A1C was 6.7 when I started and I was on 5 medications. I ended my program with an A1C of 5.9 and went off of 90 percent of my medications.





My name is Lucy Michaud. I went to a diabetic dinner seminar with my sister and it changed our lives. When I started my program my A1c was 6.8. I had a fatty liver, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I was on 7 medications. I am now finished with my program and my A1c is 5.6. On my last visit to my Endocrinologist he kept saying “I’m totally blown away, I am so impressed with you. You are no longer a diabetic.” Between my two doctors they have taken me off of all my medications. I no longer have high cholesterol, a fatty liver or high blood pressure.

-Lucy Michaud*




I was feeling weak, depressed and lethargic. I had no energy to do activities or to really enjoy life. I was worried about my future and uncertain as to my life expectancy. I am in my 40’s and was worried I was going to die young. When I started my program my A1C was 9.1. I was never a smoker or heavy drinker. I thought I took pretty good care of myself but after looking at my tests I was shocked and overwhelmed at how many health issues I was having that I was unaware of. I am now finished with my program. My A1C is 6.2 (non- diabetic range), I have lost 31 pounds. I feel GREAT. I feel rejuvenated and like I have a new lease on life and great hope for my future. I plan on living a very long healthy life free of the disease of diabetes. Thank you so much to the team at Next Advanced Medicine.

-J. Oschner*




My doctor told me I had become a diabetic. I told him I would not become a diabetic but he said “You are one and you might as well face it”. After doing some reading I realized it was only going to get worse with time so I started to seek out alternatives because I did not want to take medication. I was looking on the internet and found there was a lot of information regarding reversing the disease. I found out that Next Advanced Medicine was getting success in this area and chose to do their program. I have completed my program and my blood sugars now stay between 90 and 105. I never worry about my blood sugar now, not even if I have some sweets. It just is not a problem anymore. My wife calls Dr. Hall “Wonder Woman”

-Walt Moeller*




My blood sugars were running as high as 725 and my A1c was 11.2. My doctor started me on insulin. He told me I would be on insulin for the rest of my life. I was on insulin for about 2 weeks when I heard about Next Advanced Medicine’s program. I was skeptical because of information I had been given by my primary care physician. I started a program at Next Advanced Medicine and within 6 weeks I was completely off all insulin.My A1C was at 6.0. I had lost 20 pounds and I also went off my blood pressure medication. My cholesterol has returned to normal levels and I no longer need cholesterol medication as well.

-Ron Johnson*




Every time I went to the doctor I had to take more and more medication. I was on Glucophage then Glyburide then finally they moved me to Insulin and Januvia. My A1C was 8.3. I was taking a lot of medication. I was getting leg cramps. I was worried I wouldn’t make it to get my grandson into college. Within the first week I was on the program I was reducing my insulin and I was off my Januvia. By the 5th week I was completely off of all my insulin. I am no longer a diabetic. Not even a pre- diabetic. My A1C is now at 5.6. My cholesterol is normal and I feel great. I no longer worry about living long enough to get my grandkids through college.

-Marvin Kopay*




My name is Diane. I went to a dinner talk to get information on reversing diabetes and if it was even possible. The Dr. spoke of finding the route cause of the disease rather than the typical approach of just adding more medication. My current doctor was telling me that I was in stage 1 renal disease. I started a program with Dr. Hall. It has been 6 months and my A1C is now in normal range 5.5. My kidney doctor was very happy with my results. He said that it is very rare to see a patient in stage 1 renal disease ever improve and less than 10 % accomplish this but that I had done so. I am very happy with my results. I felt very supported in this program by the team at Next Advanced Medicine. Thank you!

-Diane Kohler*




My name is Robin Bolton. I have been on an insulin for 7 years and on an insulin pump for 5 of those years. I was taking 100 units of insulin a day, max dose metformin, blood pressure and cholesterol medication, gabapentin etc. I was exhausted all the time, I had neuropathy, insomnia, headaches, joint pain, trouble concentrating and could not stop gaining weight. I weighed 310 pounds. I started my program with Next Advanced Medicine on April 16th 2014. Within 3 weeks my blood sugars improved so drastically I was taken off my pump and stopped insulin altogether. Within a few months my cholesterol and blood pressure dropped so much that I was able to go off of all my blood pressure and cholesterol medications. I was able to go off of my gabapentin because my neuropoathy disappeared. My current A1C is 5.6. I am no longer considered a diabetic. I lost 115 pounds in 6 months. My headaches are gone. I sleep through the night. I have my memory back and my joints no longer hurt. My GERD and anemia problems have disappeared. I have never felt better in all my life. I feel like I finally got the correct information and a treatment plan designed so specific for me that I finally found the thing that worked. I have my life back thanks to all the wonderful people at Next Advanced Medicine.

-Robin Bolton*




Before coming to my first appointment with Dr. Hall, I was very skeptical. I was depressed and confused. I felt like I was slowly dying. Something happened right before my appointment that really scared me, I was driving my car on the freeway, I began seeing all the cars blurry on the freeway, I felt like I was about to pass out! I knew something had to change, I could no longer continue doing what I was doing with regards to my health and diabetes, the medicine I felt was making me so sick. My family was suffering and I was suffering. I am now 4 months into this program, and I feel great! I feel like I got my life back. I am off most of my medications; my blood sugar is currently 100-120. My A1C went from 8.4 to 6.5. The day I started this program I weighed 212, now I am 180. This program saved my life. My wife no longer worries I am going to die. I spend time enjoying my grandchildren and planning family vacations. I recommend to anyone who is considering this program to "just do it"! You will be glad you did.

-Isidro Medrano*




My Doctor says I am doing GREAT! She is glad I started this program with Dr. Candice Hall. As of last week my Doctor has cut my medication in half... I feel great! Anyone who wants to really reverse their Diabetes needs to see Dr. Hall, and begin this program. I have lost weight without even trying. I have great energy, and all my numbers have improved. Thank you Dr. Hall and my Doctor thanks you.

-Jacqulyn Porpora*




When I first began this program with Dr. Hall, I was in a lot of pain with my joints. I was tired all the time, and overweight. Before meeting with Dr. Hall I visited several Doctors who just continued to prescribe medications. I got to a point where the medicines that the Doctors were prescribing me for high blood pressure, high cholesterol & Diabetes were making me so dizzy and sick - and sick to my stomach. I reached a breaking point and stopped taking most of my medication. I found a new Doctor, and she is so thrilled with my success she is actually referring her Father who has Diabetes to Dr. Hall. I have been in the program for 7 months, and my blood sugar went from 283 to 98-110. My A1C was 10.5 and now is 5.6. I am very happy with my results. I also lost over 70 pounds. I have so much energy and what was once a grim outlook to my future and wondering if I would be able to see my kids grow up, this program afforded me to look forward to my grandchildren.

-Rob Wickstrom*




I was very frustrated, and embarrassed before I began this program. I am a registered nurse; I educate nurses around the world to promote a healthy living and lifestyle. I was over- weight and very sick with low energy, I feared losing my feet or hands. I feared getting an infection. As a Healthcare professional I knew I needed to change my lifestyle, it was hard for me to except the title as a Diabetic. I was in denial.After meeting with Dr. Hall I finally had hope and began looking at my Diabetes differently realizing I needed to focus on the cause and not just treat the disease. I have been in the program for 4 months now. My current improvements are I lost 42 pounds; my energy levels are up in fact, I just returned from a trip to England. I went on an 8-mile hike and climbed 51 flights of stairs, the next day I thought I would have been so sore but I wasn't, I was ready to go again! I feel younger. I am now hopeful in life instead of always feeling hopeless. My family Doctor is so impressed with my results he asked me to refer him to Dr. Hall. My A1C when I started the program was 9.1 my last A1C reading was 6.7. I feel great! I also suffered from high blood pressure and now it has also gone down. My blood sugar has gone from 160 to 190 to 105...... Dr. Hall's staff is just wonderful. I feel like family every time I come in. I would say to anyone considering this program, do the research, become informed, knowledge is power. This has been the best life changing decision I have ever made.

-Martha Carl*





I saw an ad in the OC Register that really struck my curiosity regarding reversing Diabetes. I called and set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Hall, I was skeptical at first, then it all started making sense to me. I realized I really didn't have many other options other than taking all the drugs the Doctors kept giving me. I had absolutely no energy. I was over- weight sick and tired! My blood pressure when I started was 170/110 its now 127/70. I haven't had this number since I was a young adult. I have been in the program for 4 months and I have lost 25 pounds, and my A1C reading when I started was 12.1 and now they are 6.1. My family Doctor is thrilled and has been very supportive of this program. My Cholesterol has significantly improved as well. I am feeling so much better enjoying my life, and living. The staff at Dr. Hall's office is so nice and professional. My blood sugar when I started was over 200 and runs from 87-90. This program was well worth the money, the best investment I ever made. I put my health first!

-Cecilia Harrell*





I was worried about all the medications my doctor was putting me on. I was so tired and did not have the energy to do the things in my life I wanted to. I didn't want to play with my grandkids, I was having trouble losing weight and my joints hurt. I have just finished my program. My A1C is 5.8 and I have lost 50 pounds. My energy levels are so much better. I can do all the things I was missing out on. I don't have to take naps anymore. I feel like I have my life back.

-G. DeLaRiva*

*Testimonials were voluntarily given by patients at Next Advanced Medicine; they were not paid for nor provided with free services or benefits in exchange for statements. The testimonials are representative of the individual patient experience. Results will vary across individual’s.