Four ways to ditch type 2 diabetes for good!

If you’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and are suffering from the symptoms, it’s time to take control over your health. If you’ve decided to get serious about changing your health status, the status-quo “healthy habits” guidelines may not do the trick. ... Read More

14 Techniques for Better Sleep and Thyroid Function

Insomnia is a classic symptom of an overactive stress response and adrenal fatigue. Research has shown that a dysfunctional HPA axis and irregular cortisol production can interrupt sleep patterns. It is well known that adequate rest is essential to repairing your thyroid and ... Read More

Raymond Janssen Testimony

My name is ray Janssen, I heard about Next on the radio. And I followed up to the radio ad because I was seeing my general practitioner and he was threatening to put me on insulin. I was on an Invocamet program and ... Read More

Nicole Brunelle Testimony

And what got me to the seminar to begin with was, one of the people on KFI, who talked about his dad having to have injections in his eyes. It scared me to death. So I thought, okay, now is the time. I had listened to the ads ... Read More

McKenna Martin Testimony

Everyone has been super nice and I have had no problems or anything related to staff. My doctor here really cared about me and my health, which was cool. I felt like it was like her mission to make me feel better ... Read More

Kellie Long Testimony

I have to tell you all, you’re going to be skeptical probably in the beginning, as I was. I was pretty much at the end of my rope as far as my A1C, it was over 8. I believe it was like, 8.6, my sugar was at 250. And I’ve been battling this ... Read More

Jim Keys Testimony

I heard about the program on KFI, I was a bit skeptical but I thought, what have I got to lose? So I went to the dinner and met the doctor and she went over the program there. And the next day I met with her again and I signed up ... Read More

Wendy Bohulano Testimony

Once upon a time there was this married couple who thought they could do whatever they wanted, eat whatever they pleased, and still live long and vibrant lives (they obviously lived in a bubble) because their health care provider ... Read More

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