Are Parasites the Root of Your Thyroid Problems?

Getting to the root of poor health symptoms is foundational in functional medicine. That’s why, with my low thyroid patients, I spend so much time working to identify the factors lurking under the surface that are causing inflammatory harm. This can be anything ... Read More

Is thyroid imbalance to blame for poor mental health?

A recent headline caught my attention about a celebrity who’s battling a serious thyroid disorder, and her story shines a light on the explosion of thyroid autoimmunity and complications associated with it. In her case, she developed hyperthyroidism after having a baby. This ... Read More

Your Guide to Living with Hashimoto’s

Living with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT) can feel like quite an adjustment. However, with a few basic changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can begin the healing process. When autoimmunity occurs, the body’s immune system deems healthy thyroid cells as a threat and ... Read More

14 Techniques for Better Sleep and Thyroid Function

Insomnia is a classic symptom of an overactive stress response and adrenal fatigue. Research has shown that a dysfunctional HPA axis and irregular cortisol production can interrupt sleep patterns. It is well known that adequate rest is essential to repairing your thyroid and ... Read More

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